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28 thoughts on “3 Easy & Delicious Burger Recipes For Lunch or Dinner!

  1. Nikki you should try Veggie burgers with veggie patty's. They are good and a great/healthy substitute for vegetarians. Hope you enjoy!!!

  2. My boss is obsessed with these burgers! Now that you've made it I have to try it! I'm like you– vegetarian when I feel like it! haha but I loved trying alternatives to meat! yum

  3. Now I'm hungry! I don't know that I'd eat a veggie burger, but I love gourmet burgers like this. My favorite is blue cheese and bacon (not vegetarian, I know).

  4. Love the veggie options!!!! Would have also been great for one of the burgers to be a vegan option. Either way so great to see the beyond meat being used to creatively!!!

  5. I've been watching you forever but I've never been able to tell if you're strictly vegetarian/vegan or just prefer eating healthier???

  6. As a person who only eats cheese pickles and ketchup on her burger, this video was quite intriguing!

  7. Be Healthy Be Happy May 10, 2017 at 9:47 pm - Reply

    yaaay I love that you used the beyond meat! still haven't tried their burger but it looks amazing 🙂

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