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35 thoughts on “3 Delicious Quinoa Recipes

  1. Just started making quinoa and I did a similar recipe to the fried quinoa and Im in love with quinoa now. All the recipes here look amazing. I will be trying them for sure! Thanks💓

  2. I cannot have any of these as I have bowel issues & have had to go on the low FODMAP diet, low in fermentable chemicals. Please would you make some recipes that are low FODMAP friendly? I get desperate for something tasty. You can look up all the details online from Monash University. Please.

  3. Made the Thai spicy quinoa tonight and wow that was delicious like you said add some Chicken or Shrimp to it. So, I added some Chicken. Low calorie and super healthy…🌞👍

  4. Joan Irene Hunter March 10, 2020 at 9:01 pm - Reply

    So disappointed to find she is not showing mercy for animals, Vegan is the only way forward, and the Quenda seed has all the nutritious you need ,please stop adding animal product, thank you !

  5. Quinoa with spinach, garlic, chia, basil, parsley and salt, cooked with water pretty good. It is a side dish for me.
    I will try Tangy Thai looks good

  6. Me: making rice caserole
    Me, casually to my family in the safety of my own home: I should see if theres a quinoa version of this.


  7. I made the Chinese fried rice and it was sooo good! Next up the cheesy quinoa! Curious though – do you suggest a non sugar substitute for the Thai quinoa recipe. I have a chronic inflammation condition where I can’t do any type of sugar (cane or even artificial sweeteners like stevia). Wonder if I could put in ginger and coconut aminos to sweeten it up instead of honey. Thoughts?

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