3 Delicious Pasta Recipes | My NEW Favorite Quick + Easy Weeknight Dinner Ideas

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20 thoughts on “3 Delicious Pasta Recipes | My NEW Favorite Quick + Easy Weeknight Dinner Ideas

  1. I've tried a few different takes on home style hamburger helper, and this was definitely the winner! I used ground chicken as that's what I had, and 1% milk, and I added some mushrooms because that's my jam. ๐Ÿ˜
    Everybody who tried it said it was the best hamburger helper type pasta I've made so far, WAYY better than the box kind. Slightly more work, but I think it's still fairly easy and doable for sure.

  2. I Love the way you explain it beautiful โค๏ธ just to write down the ingredients next time so we can buy the ingredients

  3. Ive just made the last one and im sorry to say ive ruined it! I dont have much cooking skill and i added too much flour. I'm serving my family a salty flavourless sludge! I think i'll be away from the kitchen for a while lol

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  5. Those look lovely! What is a good substitute for onion? Unfortunately I can't eat onion anymore. Thanks for all the awesome recipes! You make cooking and eating well so simple!

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