3 delicious and easy paleo breakfast ideas

Do you wanna have a healthy breakfast but there is just no time? Then these recipes are perfect for you, enjoy! *I was sent the following book for consideration, …

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25 thoughts on “3 delicious and easy paleo breakfast ideas

  1. Is cacao the same as cocoa? They don't have cacao where I'm from so can I just use cocoa? I did that with another recipe and it seemed fine. My mom and dads anniversary is tomorrow so I want to make her breakfast and the pancakes seem like something she will like

  2. I really like the way you demonstrate the recipes, thanks! When you leave out carbs, your choices are limited, and it is good to have new ideas for meals. Are you familiar with Julian Bakery's paleo coconut flakes? They would great with your breakfast items.

  3. it all looks great but they really should change the name for the diet because there is no paleolithic stuff at all

  4. You call yourself Paleo Star, yet you do not eat the Paleo way. There is no dairy, no whey protein, etc. You represent potential healthy eating, yet not Paleo. 

  5. Hi Julia, I can't reply to your comment directly. I have been eating raw eggs for 8 years and never have had a problem, however, I only eat organic free-range eggs, they have a REALLY low risk of carrying salmonella and are also more nutritious. Thanks for watching! :)

  6. Hello Catalina- Do you have any suggestions for people who are allergic to whey but still want to use a protein powder? I really like these recipes but I have struggled with finding a good protein powder substitute.

  7. Hello Catalina, Gracias por tu share muy buenas ideas, apenas comienzo con Paleo y se me dificulta un poco y me has dado muy buenas ideas. 

  8. Hi Jess! I can't reply to you directly. Thanks for your sweet comment, it is yogurt that I poured ever the granola and the pancake 🙂 I'm happy you like my kitchen! Have a wonderful day and thanks for watching :)

  9. Hello Catalina! All of these look fantastic and delicious! I have a question. Is that just the coconut yogurt you're pouring over the top of the granola and pancakes? Thank you. I thought it was the yogurt, but I just wanted to be sure first. I enjoy your videos very much and I want your kitchen 🙂 Have a blessed weekend and Thank you for showing us how to make these! Love and Peace Always, Jessica (Jess) ♥ to Catalina ★

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