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43 thoughts on “3 Day Military Diet VS. Veggie Diet|Lost 6 pounds in 3 days without exercising!??

  1. you look healthy with the weight on, just stay healthy – good job both of you. Military Diet, read up on it, you can substitute stuff, I'm not eating the ice cream, now for 4 days eat diet foods and you will loose a total of 10 lbs (in 7 days). I think that's the correct way for military diet…..?

  2. hello Guys! 😘💜👍20
    💜 Sis that Cilantro rice looks Yum!
    Hello Picachu!!
    Siss i cant eat Okra haha!! Nice sis!
    OMGGGG its really effective!! Im gonan try that haha!! Thanks for sharing sissy!
    💜I enjoyed watching it💜💜💜💜💜

  3. wow sis for 3 days noh..thats really good..well done to both of u, ang probs ko sis i cannot control the portion of rice..i like a lot of rice..saludo ako sayo kc one rice enough na yan sayo 🙂 great video…

  4. Congratulations to both of you. OK na ang weight mo Sis 125 lbs, you don't need na… I was 119 nun dalaga ako, hehehe I like veggie diet din, looks good mga food mo, mahilig din ako sa veggies, lalo na yang crispy okra. Si Dan din daw gusto mag military diet narin mukha nga effective by loosing 6 lbs in 3 days, laki na kasi ng tummy nya, hehehe Thanks for sharing this. Thumbs up👍👍18

  5. so helpful! I want to start eating healthy! just saw how many other videos you've posted, I'm gonna go binge watch! so happy to have found your channel, also just subbed! would love if you returned the favor and check out my channel! best of luck with your channel! xoxo

  6. I have done this military diet for more than 6 times it really works if you follow it exactly as it says. Last time i lost 7 pounds goodluck tho

  7. hey, this is a cool video and you have a nice channel. I have just watched almost your video. this is nice job. I hope we have to support each other. keep up the great work. thank you.

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  9. nako pagpinapili ako sis mas gusto ko veggies nalang cgurado solve na ako kaso bawal sa akin diet2 sissy Kain kung Kain 😁

  10. I love green tea sis kase nakakapayat sya ng tyan. ngayon di na ako nainum ulit kase haha nakakalimutan ko at puro ako soda ngayon.. Pero dahil sa vid na to I will do it again. omg sis I love you guys kase nagtutulungan talaga kayo. kame ng asawa ko we are trying to lose weight too kase nagtatabaan talaga kameng 2 hahaha keep it up sis.. thanks sa video na to I will push it again.

  11. Holly Molly Guacamole! U guys are awesome for doing this challenge. I saw the military diet on Pinterest long time ago and thought abt it, but then I got chickened out. Hahaha! Great job guys. Hi babe Louis!

  12. This is so helpful!!! Just subbed to your channel. I hope you'll mind to check out mine and subscribe as well. Thank you and more powers to your channel. 💗

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