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49 thoughts on “2 QUICK RAW FOOD recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner

  1. Thank you for these videos, Freelee! I love them and your inspiration. I look forward to watching them and learning more from you

  2. Could you do a video on alcohol and how it influences the RT4 diet?? I know it's not suggested to drink alcohol on the diet but I want to know more 🙂 THANK YOU!! 

  3. Freelee you know that you can buy date paste. So you won't have to always blend your dates 🙂 we have them here in Michigan. Make
    Sure you check if you want to!

  4. I am ecstatic and afraid at the same time in entering this world. I am afraid that I will get frustrated, I'm afraid I will get tempted I. My Filipino household who loves meat ( I don't eat meat) and I'm afraid I would fall off the wagon, but I want to be able to look a year back and be an advocate and inspiration like you and I want to thank you for opening my eyes to this lifestyle. Ohh man I'm excited and scared 🙁

  5. I have a question. How do I continue the Banana journey when I am on holiday or surrounding bunch of people that just eat normal meal… Please help! 

  6. Hey Freelee!
    Really getting heaps out of your Videos, thanks! What do you think of adding MACA into some of your recipes?

  7. Hi Freelee!
    Can you please comment on the carbo loading phenomenon and how before an event if you restrict carbs for a few days, then load up on them the day before will give you an edge?

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