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46 thoughts on “15 Easy And Delicious Breakfast Recipes

  1. I made the Cheesy Bacon French Toast Triangles
    but I didn’t make them into triangles since my bread was too thick so I made them into rectangles and they were so spicy so good!

  2. Unique Devine Israel September 30, 2019 at 6:03 pm - Reply

    Does Anyone Else Notice How ORANGE That Egg Was… Not Unlike The YELLOWY Egg We Get At The Local Grocery Store.🤔🤔🤔IJS🤗😉

  3. I feel like that fruit cup thing would be really dope with either whipped cream or cream cheese ice cream as opposed to the yogurt

  4. Here’s a jummy easy dutch breakfast:
    Its called Wentelteefjes
    Step one: stak Bread in a mixture of egg and Milk
    Step two : nutter you’re pan and bake the soaked Bread untill its brown (if the middle is quit soggy thats fine)
    Step three: when its baked put iT on a plate and Add sugar and sinnamon
    Eet smakelijk!

  5. 8:44 these little squares look so good. It might be the only thing I try to make. Most of these are more of a breakfast though or too much time to make in the morning. :/

  6. Hello im only 10 years old and i felt like making my family some food and looked up this turned out your 2nd recepie was the best thing weve ever tasted it was really good thanks for showing me how to make my first meal ever 😁😁

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