12 Easy & Healthy One-Pot Recipes

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37 thoughts on “12 Easy & Healthy One-Pot Recipes

  1. Looks good to me, thanks for the ideas. I eat butter, I am a healthy old lady. Fear the fake not the fat. Don't eat processed foods buy, grow and eat real food and then you can use butter and olive oil. Just my opinion, if it doesn't work for you don't eat it but coming from a farm family there was no shortage of butter and people live into their 80's and 90's.

  2. Is there a place where the recipes are written out? I would hate to have to watch and pause and watch until I find which recipe I wanted to make.

  3. This cajun won't be trying that "jambalaya." Having been born and raised in south Louisiana, like most people here, I have a passion for good food. I assure you we don't put tomatoes in our jambalaya. And just incase you were wondering, when cooking a gumbo, adding anything with tomato is a crime against humanity. Otherwise, good video. I will be trying some of these recipes.

  4. I think this video is taken from tasty because it's their habit of calling a dish with 8 teaspoons of butter a healthy dish

  5. Recipes:

    0:050:53 Lemon Garlic Shrimp Pasta
    0:541:56 Teriyaki Chicken and Rice
    1:573:06 Broccoli Cheddar Soup
    3:073:53 Paprika Chicken and Rice Bake
    3:544:46 Lasagna Soup
    4:476:08 Butternut Squash Pilaf
    6:096:34 Southwestern-style Quinoa
    6:357:24 Mushroom Stroganoff
    7:258:28 Pad Thai
    8:299:24 Curry Noodle Soup
    9:2510:18 Cilantro Lime Chicken and Rice
    10:1911:30 Jambalaya
    11:3112:43 Split Pea Soup

  6. Y'all complain too much. Want a easy, healthy one pot recipe w no fat, no carbs? Look up cabbage soup and STFU. Maybe if you weren't eating lunchables all day it would be okay to eat a normal meal once a day

  7. Y'all know you can change the oils/fat in recipe. Also the pasta to wheat, chickpea pasta or vegetable spirals. 🙄

  8. Cinda Veizaga Escobar November 30, 2019 at 7:08 pm - Reply

    Please pleaaaaase if you can add information about the calories, because I want to make this dishes but they seem so high in calories although it says they are healthy…

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