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40 thoughts on “12 Easy Dinner Recipes – Easy Food Recipes To Make At Home #5

  1. gosh worst timing ever….😔 to be hungry by saving my tummy to keep it small for a wedding to attend tomorrow with a tight sexy dress and here I am watching these mouth watering food that I cant eat at the moment 😣🙈😔

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  4. You fucking people put your tangs in the middle when your given the recepies, meaning it's a bit hard to see what ingredients your using if you put a fucking link on top of it

  5. Please, I beg you…… Stop putting those ads towards the end of your videos as
    they block the screen and there is no way to shut them off. If you need the revenue
    from the ads, then at lease use the application that shows the little "X" so that they
    can be closed. That way views can watch the end of the video without obstruction.
    These blocking ads annoy everyone.
    Thank you

  6. Things don't all cook at the same time… the onions in all these dishes are essentially raw and the flavor will be strong, gotta caramelize them onions. Oh, and not everything can be fixed by smothering in fat and cheese….

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