11 Easy Chicken Dinners – Quick and Easy Chicken Recipes #4

This video have 11 Easy Chicken Dinners that I try collection for all of you and i hope all recipes you want to try. 1. Chicken Torte: https://www.tastemade.com/videos/chicken-torte 2. Mozzarella-…

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46 thoughts on “11 Easy Chicken Dinners – Quick and Easy Chicken Recipes #4

  1. Gianfrancioschio Scapparella January 26, 2018 at 1:25 am - Reply

    i am getting more disappointed as im watching the video…they are all the same recipes: 20lbs of cheese, 1000 cloves ov garlic, tons of onions, meat

  2. افادة ifada 3ama January 26, 2018 at 1:25 am - Reply

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  3. FOOD looks amazingly delicious but you go way to fast to catch all ingredients I have to keep on rewinding Idk this is my first time looking at your page maybe I have to look more at ur page maybe they will be it separate,, BTW background music is FREAKING awsome

  4. what on earth would possess someone to put like pop dubstep over the top of a cooking video… dislike for that alone

  5. those background songs are SO annoying! it's loud and hysterical. cooking must be something pleasant and chill. please, change it.

  6. Chill for 1 hours, bake for 40 mins, prep time 20 mins. 2 hours to cook your chicken apple pot pie. Love the dish but that isn't easy or quick, for this horrible beginner cook.

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      The original Tyson foods, inc. sent freezing sick dead chickens to Mexico to deal with, bribes veterinarian then sold sick dead chickens drumsticks to Taiwan Cheating money.

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